City Council approves staff recommendation to create Natural Heritage Advisory Committee

Guelph, Ont., July 9, 2019—City Council has approved a staff recommendation to create a Natural Heritage Advisory Committee (NHAC) with a focus on supporting environmental initiatives as part of Guelph’s Natural Heritage Action Plan.

“We know from engaging with our community that Guelph values an environment-first approach and recognizes the value in having an advisory committee focused on environmental matters,” says Melissa Aldunate, Manager of Policy Planning and Urban Design. “The creation of a Natural Heritage Advisory Committee will allow City staff to work in partnership with community members to develop policies and plans that nurture and protect Guelph’s natural heritage for the health of our city and everyone who lives here.”

The recommendation for the new committe came out of a review of the City’s existing Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) and River Systems Advisory Committee (RSAC). The review assessed the mandates of these committees and how best to continue to support Guelph’s environmental programs moving forward. City staff and members of the broader Guelph community, including current and former members of the EAC and RSAC, were consulted as part of the review. The review also included a scan of other municipalities’ environmental committees.

The review resulted in the recommendation for a renewed focus and mandate for an environmental themed advisory committee and that the existing EAC and RSAC be disbanded as of December 31, 2019.

In the fall, Council will consider the terms of reference for the new NHAC which is to focus on providing input into City plans, policies, strategies and studies related to natural heritage. Pending Council’s approval of the committee’s terms of reference, the NHAC will be instated in early 2020.

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