Railway crossing safety tips

Guelph Junction Railway is committed to the safety of all travellers, and reminds the public about the following railway safety tips:

  • Slow down when approaching a railway crossing.
  • Remember trains can come at any time, from any direction. It takes a train a long time to come to a complete stop.
  • When the lights at a rail crossing are flashing stop at the white line painted on the pavement. Do not cross over this line.
  • Do not cross the track until the lights stop flashing, the bell stops ringing and the train has passed. If the crossing has a gate or barrier, wait until it rises all the way up before you cross the tracks.
  • Never drive around, under or through a railway gate or barrier while it is down, being lowered or being raised. It is illegal and dangerous.
  • If your vehicle stalls on the tracks, vacate the vehicle immediately and call 911.
  • Do not stop in the middle of railway tracks.
  • Never race a train to a crossing.
  • Avoid shifting gears while crossing tracks.
  • If the light or gates at railway crossings are going off in error, contact the Guelph Junction Railway at the phone number found on the railway poll box. Staff will respond to the call and investigate.

Many railway crossing signals within Guelph are synced up with nearby traffic lights. Never stop on the tracks or try to squeeze in behind stopped vehicles while traffic lights are red and railway crossing signals are flashing. Be especially alert at these intersections.

  • Woodlawn Road and Edinburgh Road
  • Woodlawn Road and Nicklin Road
  • Speedvale Avenue and Edinburgh Road
  • Willow Road and Edinburgh Road
  • London Road and Edinburgh Road
  • Paisley Street and Edinburgh Road
  • Along Macdonell Street (Downtown Guelph)

To ensure all rail encounters are safe ones, abide by these simple riles: 1. stay away from railway bridges and tunnels. they are meant for trains not people. 2. Stacey alert! Keep your eyes off your phone and headphones out whenever near tracks. 3. Obey all railway signs and signals. they are there for a reason, to keep people safe. 4. Don't trespass on railway tracks or property. It isn't just illegal it could cost you your life. 5. Stop, look, and listen! Trains don't always follow a schedule Expect a a train on any track at any time. To be safe this summer, Follows these rules and heed Operation Lifesaver's motto. LOOK. LISTEN.LIVE.

For more information

Les Petroczi, General Manager
Guelph Junction Railway
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