New Outdoor Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Bylaw with enhanced safety requirements

Attention: swimming pool and hot tub contractors and retailers, fencing companies and industry partners

On May 27, 2019, Guelph City Council passed a new Outdoor Swimming Pool and Hot Tub By-law No. (2019) – 20408 that features enhanced safety requirements for any new swimming pool or hot tub applications from May 27 onward.

The by-law includes the following new safety requirements:

  • protecting openings where a house wall forms part of a pool enclosure;
  • providing life saving devices, specifically a rescue pole or life ring;
  • displaying Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada safety rules signage;
  • ensuring safe storage of chemicals;
  • reducing the risk of children from being trapped in pool drains and suction fittings;
  • ensuring electrical installations are safe (ESA Inspection report submission) and
  • requiring the installation of vacuum breakers on outside water taps to protect house water from contamination when topping up pools and hot tubs.


The previous swimming pool by-law had been in effect for 25 years and was out of date in terms of life safety measures. After extensive consultations and working group sessions, this new bylaw was developed to enhance safety around swimming pools and hot tubs. The primary goal of this update is to reduce risks and prevent loss of life and injury especially for children. All new permit applications will be required to meet the new by-law requirements and permit applications will need to reflect these details.

Specific details on required safety features are available on the pool and hot tub checklist found on

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