Have your say on Guelph Transit’s Community Bus service

Online survey available until May 31

Guelph, Ont., May 16, 2019 – Guelph Transit invites you to complete its Community Bus online survey by May 31.

Guelph Transit operates two Community Buses that travel throughout the city that may not be serviced by a regular bus route. The service operates hourly Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is available to everyone.

“We want to hear from our riders and non-riders to understand why they take the Community Bus or don’t, and how we can improve the service to get people where they want to go and when they want to go there,” says Jason Simmons, transit operations manager at Guelph Transit.

Unlike other Guelph Transit buses, passengers can ‘flag’ the Community Bus at any time. This means passengers can wait for the bus at a designated stop or choose to alert the bus driver as the bus approaches along the route. Similarly, a passenger can ask to be dropped off at a bus stop or any location along the route. The Community Bus is identifiable by its front and side digital screens that read ‘Community Bus.’

Community engagement done last year, as part of the Guelph Transit Business Service Review, showed that survey respondents value the service, but would like to have increased frequency, additional routes and stops, and more door-to-door type service.

Staff will consider community input, technical feasibility (e.g. schedule timing, bus movements on a route, etc.) and financial impacts when making recommendations on how to improve and expand the Community Bus service for fall 2020. It’s also expected these recommendations will be considered by Council as part of the City’s 2020-operating budget process this fall.

“We expect that with improvements to the Community Bus service, we will see an increase in ridership; which means an increase in revenues,” adds Simmons. In 2018, there were 27,212 passengers or about 70 riders a day.


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