Have your say: Commercial Built Form Standards Preliminary Design Directions

The City is developing new urban design standards for commercial developments and buildings that will include topics such as building design, landscaping and trees, vehicular circulation, pedestrian and cycling circulation, parking and property access. Based on Guelph’s Official Plan, these built form standards will provide clear direction and criteria for the design of new commercial buildings across the City.

A preliminary design directions document has been developed based on feedback received so far which includes:

  • how commercial sites are to be organized and laid out;
  • how commercial buildings are to be designed and shaped;
  • how main street areas should be designed;
  • how neighbourhood-scale commercial should be designed to provide walkable retail and service uses;
  • how to design vehicle-oriented uses including service stations, vehicle repair and sales facilities as well as drive-through facilities;
  • how to design and plan for large commercial site; and,
  • how to design mixed-use developments.

Share your feedback on the preliminary design directions by emailing david.degroot@guelph.ca by May 30, 2019.

Your feedback will be considered by City staff in drafting the Commercial Built Form Standards.

For more information

David de Groot, Senior Urban Designer
Planning, Urban Design and Building Services
519-822-1260 extension 2358