Construction complete at Burke well house

The upgrades to Burke well are now complete and the well is currently operative.

Burke well upgrades were made to improve overall water quality, service delivery and the reliability of Burke well which was built in 1975. Completion of these upgrades will save the City money and prolong the life of this important City asset.

The upgrades completed include:

  • expansion of the existing well house to accommodate additional treatment equipment (newly finished area of 310 square metres from current area of 62 square metres);
  • installation of a filter system to remove manganese and iron;
  • construction of 350 cubic metres of water storage, an amount that would fill more than 2,000 standard bathtubs;
  • well cleaning;
  • replacement of the on-site emergency power generator; and
  • replacement of utility service pipes including water, wastewater and gas.

About Burke well

Burke well is one of the largest individual wells in the City, producing eight per cent (8%) of the City’s water supply. The well pumps about six million litres per day; enough to supply approximately 13,000 average Guelph households with water each day.

For more information

Karl Cober, Project Manager
Water Services
519-822-1260 extension 2187