City releases updated preferred structure for Clair-Maltby

Guelph, Ont., May 2, 2019—Today the City released an updated preferred community structure for the Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan as part of a report to Council. The update is based on community feedback and additional studies the City has completed. In addition to the updated structure, the report presents the final policy directions document and provides a timeline for the remainder of the project.

Putting the environment first

The updated work on the Secondary Plan continues to put the protection of the Paris Moraine and the city’s natural heritage and water resources first.

Further studies confirmed that planned urban development in the Clair-Maltby area will not interfere with the function of the Paris Moraine, the natural heritage system or water resources. The Paris Moraine is not a significant recharge area for Guelph’s drinking water supply but plays an important role in maintaining local wetlands and creek headwaters in the surrounding area.

What’s changed

Three key changes in the updated community structure include:

  1. The addition of the moraine ribbon. The proposed ribbon is made up of a series of connected open spaces that weave a line through the area and run alongside the natural heritage system. This feature will include a trail, rest areas, and landscape views.
  2. Change in location for the community park. The location for the community park has changed based on:
    1. Public feedback that the park would be better placed in connection with Halls Pond to allow for scenic views, and to move it away from an arterial road;
    2. An opportunity to maximize park space by connecting stormwater management needs with school space and parkland; and
    3. Consideration of the proximity of other parks.
  3. Changes to housing density. The amount of medium density residential area has been lowered to allow more low-density residences and a better overall balance of housing types in the area.

Staff will present the updated structure to Council on May 13 with a recommendation to approve the preferred community structure and policy directions document.

Interested community members speak to this matter at the Council meeting by registering to delegate by 10 a.m. on Friday, May 10.

About Clair-Maltby

The area addressed by the Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan is located in Guelph’s south end and includes a section of the Paris Moraine, a unique natural feature in the city. The Secondary Plan aims to protect the moraine, natural heritage features, and water resources while aligning with the general objectives of the City’s Official Plan.

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