Have your say on the Cultural Heritage Action Plan

Have your say

Want to have your say on how we protect the cultural heritage value of our neighbourhoods and historic places?

You can by filling out the Cultural Heritage Action Plan feedback form.

This feedback will be combined with the feedback given at the City-held sessions that took place on April 24 to help confirm and finalize the draft Cultural Heritage Action Plan, which was released for Council and community comment on April 8.

The draft Cultural Heritage Action Plan will protect the cultural heritage value of our neighbourhoods and historic places through the:
• implementation of policies in the Official Plan,
• identification of cultural heritage landscapes within the city,
• prioritization of actions related to heritage conservation, and
• recommendation regarding incentives and the promotion of cultural heritage resources.

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Stephen Robinson, MA, CAHP
Senior Heritage Planner, Planning and Building Services
519-837-5616 extension 2496