Downtown Zoning Bylaw in effect

Guelph, Ont., March 7, 2019—On March 5, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) issued an order resulting in the City’s Downtown Zoning Bylaw being in full force and effect. The LPAT decision upholds Council’s decision with minor modifications. The zoning bylaw is the set of rules the City uses to implement the Downtown Secondary Plan. These rules allow appropriate development in downtown Guelph.

The Downtown Zoning Bylaw update was completed and approved by Council in 2017. The update modernizes the City’s approach to development in the downtown, aligning zoning regulations with the community’s vision for this area of Guelph as established by the Downtown Secondary Plan, 2012. The updated bylaw encourages downtown development, and supports an active, urban environment south of the CN rail line while respecting cultural heritage resources and improving travel for pedestrians and cyclists.

The bylaw update:

  • requires a minimum number of short-term and long-term bicycle parking spaces for new multi-residential and non-residential buildings downtown,
  • identifies key downtown streets as “active streets” to create high-quality, pedestrian-oriented streets lined with shops, restaurants and other similar uses on the street-level floor, and
  • maintains mid-rise building heights in the historic downtown core and permits taller buildings at strategic locations.

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Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw Review

The work that has been done through the downtown zoning project will help inform a new zoning bylaw for the whole of Guelph. The new downtown zones will be incorporated into a new zoning bylaw for Guelph through this comprehensive zoning bylaw review.

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