City, Innovation Guelph and local startups attend Global Food Summit

The Guelph delegation posing in a photo with Global Food Summit representatives.

The Guelph delegation posing with Global Food Summit representatives.

Guelph, Ont. March 28, 2019—Staff from the City of Guelph, Innovation Guelph and three local start-up companies travelled to Munich, Germany for the Global Food Summit last week. The two-day conference featured presentations on agri-food industry trends and innovation from around the world.

Global Affairs Canada invited the City to participate in this international conference because of Guelph and the surrounding region’s leadership in agri-innovation. The City was also invited to nominate local agri-food start-ups to participate in the Summit. Three companies from Guelph and Wellington County were selected to attend:

  • Be Seen Be Safe: creators of virtual boundaries (geofences) around farms and other agribusinesses using satellite technology and
  • Quinta Quinoa: producers of an all-natural, sustainable, Canadian-grown quinoa that’s high in fibre iron, and other nutrients; and
  • TRU-ID: developers of a program that certifies additional food quality control for customers who seek authentic ingredients.

Quinta Quinoa founder Jamie Draves presented a business pitch to an audience of industry leaders, academic and government officials and media at the Start-up Pitch Competition. Quinta Quinoa was selected as one of six start-up finalists out of 28 global start-ups—the only finalist from Canada.

The Summit provided many positives opportunities and outcomes for the City and others including:

  • information sharing
  • global business and research connections
  • international media exposure
  • future opportunities to work with Summit organizers and attendees in the area of circular economies and other related projects

This year’s Summit attracted more than 250 participants from academics, industry and government.

Guelph is a leader in the field of agri-innovation. Local scientific research and innovation from the cluster of industry and research institutions provide Guelph’s competitive advantage in this field. Employment growth in this sector has risen by more than 17 per cent in Guelph since 2011, and Guelph is home to close to 1,500 employers and entrepreneurs in this sector. Guelph is also home to over 40 research institutes and over 30 agri-innovation industry associations.


“We’re happy to be building partnerships locally and around the world. Working together with Innovation Guelph made this mission a great success. It also gave us a chance to showcase three of the most innovative, early-stage businesses in the region, and puts Guelph squarely on the global map as an ideal investment location for leading-edge agriculture and food enterprises.”
Barbara Maly, Manager, Economic Development, City of Guelph

“We were excited to provide these three companies with an opportunity to expand their global reach and showcase some of the exciting agri-food innovations coming out of Guelph-Wellington. Partnering with the City of Guelph’s economic development department on initiatives like this fosters innovation and entrepreneurship in the region and elevates Canada’s brand internationally.”
Anne Toner Fung, Executive Director, Innovation Guelph.

“We want to give voice to the future of food. Start-ups are creating things which many people do not know. In the food sector the Global Food Summit offers a networking and knowledge exchange. The Guelph participation was an outstanding example on how communities have to rethink food.”
Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein, Head and Founder, Global Food Summit

“It was great to represent Canada as one of the 6 global company finalists at this event. We had great support from Guelph, Innovation Guelph and Canadians who showed their support through social media. The success of this event is expected to be a jumping off point in scaling our production and sales of Quinta Quinoa, and sharing it’s high nutrient profile to benefit others around the world.”
Jamie Draves, Founder, Quinta Quinoa

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About Global Food Summit

In growing metropolitan regions, the population expects to be able to age healthily and demands that the sustainability targets for 2030 will be taken into account along the food chain. We can achieve these goals with new methods and technologies in production, but these will change dramatically what and how we eat. Every year, the Global Food Summit brings together food experts from science, industry, associations, politics and the media to discuss how new technologies will affect us. A collaboration of University of California, Berkeley, Wageningen University, Technical University Munich, German Academy of technical sciences acatech, Bavarian State Government and Global Food Summit.

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