New traffic signals and system upgrades will improve travel in Guelph

Guelph, Ont., February 22, 2019—Whether people walk, bike or drive, the City’s plan to improve traffic flow this year will make travel safer and more efficient for everyone in Guelph.

All temporary traffic or pedestrian impacts related from these improvements will be posted on

New pedestrian signals

New pedestrian signals are being added at three locations in 2019:

  • Eramosa Road between Meyer Drive and Stevenson Street North
  • Gordon Street between Wellington Street and Water Street
  • Edinburgh Road South at Rodgers Road

New traffic signals

New traffic signals are being added at two intersections in 2019:

  • Elmira Road North at Independence Place
  • Woodlawn Road West at Arrow Road

Traffic signal upgrades

Traffic signal upgrades include replacing old signal equipment and wiring. The City will be upgrading traffic signals at:

  • Edinburgh Road North at Paisley Road/Paisley Street
  • Edinburgh Road North at Speedvale Avenue West

Accessible pedestrian signals

All new or upgraded traffic and pedestrian signals must have accessible pedestrian signals installed to meet the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005. Accessible pedestrian signals have added features to help pedestrians who are visually or hearing impaired cross roads safely.

In 2019, City staff plan to install or upgrade accessible pedestrian signals at 48 locations across the city.

Pedestrian countdown signals

Pedestrian countdown signals provide a countdown to the traffic signal change and help pedestrians to decide if they have enough time to safely cross a road based on their personal mobility.

In 2019, the City plans to complete installation of pedestrian countdown signals at the remaining 68 locations which currently do not have pedestrian countdown signals.

Reducing speed limits in construction zones

At the March 4 Committee of the Whole meeting, the City will ask Council to approve staff’s authority to officially reduce speed limits in construction zones.

The City currently reduces speed limits in construction zones with orange and black speed limit signs. Unfortunately, the City has seen reduced compliance with these signs, and police can’t enforce these speed limits.

Delegating authority to staff to officially change speed limits in construction zones will allow for police enforcement and improve safety for contractors and staff working in the construction zone, and for people walking, biking and driving through it.


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Supervisor Traffic Engineering, Engineering and Transportation Services
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