City shares Guelph Transit business service review final report

Final recommendations support growth and reliability

Guelph, Ont., January 17, 2019 – The final report for the Guelph Transit business service review will be presented to Council on Tuesday, January 29 at 6 p.m.

Supported by data and information, the report concludes Guelph’s public transit division is competitive and in line with comparator municipalities. It also details 12 recommendations that address identified issues and opportunities, including service reliability, growth, technology, and administration.

“When implemented, the business service review recommendations will help us provide more efficient and reliable transit services to our customers, test new technology, improve overall service, and plan for the future,” explains Colleen Clack, deputy chief administrative officer of Public Services. “The Guelph Transit business service review positions us for growth and reliability; a positive outcome for our customers, our employees, and the City.”

Among the report’s recommendations is that the City hire 19 drivers over the next six years to stabilize workforce levels, improve service reliability and reduce overtime.

Planning for the future, it recommends the City expand the Community Bus service, conduct an operational route review that looks at the current transit system and individual routes, and develop a strategic plan within the context of the Transportation Master Plan to provide direction for conventional, mobility and specialized transit service to 2040.

Implementation of some of the recommendations will create efficiencies while others will need up-front financial investment. Pending Council’s approval, staff will work through established processes, such as the budget process, to develop funding plans for this work.

In 2019, there is a capital impact of $2.7 million for service expansion. It’s also estimated the recommendations will cost $498,626. This includes cost reductions related to service changes and increased revenue, as well as compensation and contract costs to stabilize the workforce, provide increased capacity and capability for service management and administration, conduct an operational route review, and plan for expanding the Community Bus service.

Speak at the meeting or provide written comments

Members of the public and other stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the Council meeting by speaking as delegates or providing written comments about the business service review recommendations. Those wishing to speak to City Council on Tuesday, January 29, or provide written comments, must contact the City Clerk’s Office by calling 519-837-5603, emailing [email protected] or filling out the online request form no later than Friday, January 25 at 10 a.m. to register as a delegation.


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Public Services
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