Never miss your curbside collection day!

Get your 2019 curbside waste collection schedule one of four ways

Guelph, Ont., December 13, 2018—Whether you want a printed calendar or electronic reminders, we’ve got four tools to make sure you don’t miss a single curbside waste collection in 2019.

  1. Pick up a print copy of the 2019 Curbside Waste Collection Guide at:
    • City Hall, 1 Carden Street
    • Evergreen Seniors Community Centre, 683 Woolwich Street
    • Guelph Public Library, visit for branch information
    • Victoria Road Recreation Centre, 151 Victoria Road North
    • Waste Resource Innovation Centre, 110 Dunlop Drive, Administration Building
    • West End Community Centre, 21 Imperial Road South
  2. Get the free ReCollect app for weekly curbside waste collection reminders and in-the-moment updates about things like delayed collection. The app, available for Android and Apple devices, also includes an extensive sorting lookup tool, the Waste Wizard.
  3. Register for weekly reminders by text, Twitter, email or phone.
  4. Use the My Schedule tool to print a copy of your curbside waste collection schedule, or download the schedule file for your electronic calendar.

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