Mandatory electronic permits and online inspections for home builders

Attention: Home Builders

Starting January 1, 2019 the City of Guelph, Building Services will be requiring Home Builders to submit all building permit applications electronically and book all inspections through Building Services Online.

New single and semi detached house and row type townhouse permit applications may be submitted with all drawings in one electronically created “vector based” PDF file. All supporting documentation and forms, such as reports, a Schedule 1 or commitment to general review, shall be submitted in a separate PDF file (or files), that can be scanned or electronically created. All files must be unsecured and not password protected. These files can be named Project Address – Drawings and Project Address – Forms (1,2,3,…), where “Project Address” is the civic address for the permit being applied for.

Stacked townhouse permit applications shall have the drawings organized into separate electronically created “vector based” PDF files and named as follows:

  • Project Address – Architectural (or ARCH)
  • Project Address – Structural (or STRUCT)
  • Project Address – HVAC
  • Project Address – Plumbing (or PLUMB)
  • Project Address – Electrical (or ELECT)
  • Project Address – Radon
  • Project Address – Fire Alarm (if not part of the Electrical)
  • Project Address – Sprinkler
  • Project Address – Energy Efficiency (If not part of another discipline)

All supporting documentation and associated forms for stacked townhouse applications can be submitted in a separate PDF file (or files), that can be scanned or electronically created and  named Project Address – Forms (1,2,3,…).

When submitting an application we have processes in place to review the application for completeness, confirm the fees owing and notify you by email within 2 business days. Provided the fees are then paid within 2 business days after notification the application will remain in order to be reviewed based on the initial application date.

If however the application is incomplete and/or the fees are not paid within 2 business days after being notified, the application will be placed in order to be reviewed once the application is complete and/or the fees are paid.

When booking inspections through Building Services Online please include the contact name and phone number for the site supervisor that will be meeting the inspector. Next day inspections must be booked prior to 3 p.m.

Please see our video tutorials on new customer sign up, applying for a new application and booking an inspection to help guide you through this process.

If you require further assistance please contact Building Services at 519-837-5615 or at [email protected]

For more information

Jeremy Laur, Program Manager of Permit Services
Building Services
519-837-5615 extension 2379
[email protected]