City Council opts into cannabis retail stores

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Guelph, Ont., December 18, 2018 – Guelph City Council voted last night to opt in to cannabis retail stores within the city. Council also gave staff the authority to comment on storefront applications.

City staff will reach out to the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to confirm the City’s intention to opt in. The AGCO is the Province’s designated body for approval of cannabis retail store licenses.

Council also directed staff to:

  • Provide the AGCO with community feedback when applications are received for stores located within 150 metres of registered daycares, youth centres, playgrounds and other sensitive areas in the community.
  • Engage with the community on the need for a bylaw that would expand restrictions for where cannabis can be used beyond the current restrictions under the Smoke Free Ontario Act

“Now that we’ve opted into having cannabis retail stores in Guelph, we’ll continue working with the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario and our cannabis working group with a focus on public health, protection of youth and preventing illegal activity,” says David Wiedrick, manager of bylaw compliance, security and licensing with the City of Guelph.

The City anticipates receiving a share of $30 million in funding from the province for costs associated with cannabis retail stores.

Cannabis retail stores could begin operating as early as April 2019, when the province is due to release their private retail store model.

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