Water main break on Torch Lane being repaired

Update: November 2, 2018—The water main break on Torch Lane is fixed and the water is back on. Part of the road will stay closed until road repairs are complete, likely on Monday, weather permitting.

Torch Lane closed to vehicles

Guelph, Ont., November 1, 2018—A water main break occurred on Torch Lane—a dead-end street off of Janefield Avenue—this afternoon.

Crews are on-site assessing the situation and beginning repairs. Provided there are no complications, repairs will be done by tomorrow morning.

Water will be shut off

Water must be shut off to complete the repair. About 100 to 120 units and buildings in the area, including a large condominium complex and two places of worship, will be affected and City staff will hand-deliver notices for these residents. People working and living in the area may also notice changes in water pressure.

Traffic and pedestrian impacts

Torch Lane is closed to all vehicle traffic beyond the water main break, with the exception of emergency vehicles.

Pedestrian access will be maintained.

The City will provide updates at guelph.ca and on Facebook (facebook.com/cityofguelph) and Twitter (twitter.com/cityofguelph) should anything change, or once repairs are complete.

Media contact

Kier Taylor, Supervisor of Distribution Metering
Water Services
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2164