New sidewalks in 2018

The Sidewalk Needs Assessment (SNA) study supports improved connectivity for pedestrians throughout the City. City staff worked with Paradigm Transportation Solutions Ltd. to:

  • Review the current guidelines for sidewalk construction and explore municipal best practices;
  • Develop ranking criteria for prioritizing which gaps need to be filled in; and
  • Propose an implementation strategy and cost estimate for completing the sidewalk network.

Where we are at

  • The original study report was completed in December 2016.
  • Council approved the Sidewalk Needs Assessment report (page 11) at their March 27, 2017 meeting.
  • Since 2017, the 1,145 meters of new sidewalk have been built:
    • Eastview Road from Summit Ridge to Watson Parkway (multi-use path)
    • Elmira Road near Tovell Rd
    • Exhibition Street from Powell to near Division St
    • Goldie Ave near Memorial Cr
    • Grange Road near Auden Road
    • Imperial Road at Speedvale
    • Kathleen Street near Division St
    • Kortright Road near Gordon St
    • Princess Street from Clarke St to Division St
    • Willow Road near Elmira Rd

Next steps

Staff continue to work through the list of prioritized gaps put forward in the study, with consideration for overlap with other programs including:

  • Underground utilities upgrade requirements
  • Cycling master plan needs
  • Active transportation study needs
  • Road reconstruction and rehabilitation programs

Many of the industrial areas of the City are ranked high for needing sidewalks. However, these projects have a long-term construction timeline despite ranking high for sidewalks. Adding sidewalks to industrial roads typically requires a full road reconstruction to add curbs and new underground stormwater facilities to replace the ditches. Such projects are disruptive to traffic, limit property access and are expensive.

Staff are working through the prioritized implementation of the Sidewalk Needs Assessment in coordination with the Active Transportation Network and the Cycling Master Plan.

In 2019 staff will be undertaking the following work to continue our implementation of the Sidewalk Needs Assessment program:

  • Study of potential design options that serve both pedestrians and cyclists on Edinburgh Road between Willow and Woodlawn, as well as Paisley Road between Elmira and Silvercreek and Speedvale Road between Elmira and Silvercreek.
  • Study of property needs, design considerations and cost for sidewalks on Watson Parkway north of Starwood Drive; Victoria Road from the bridge to Florence Lane; Metcalfe Street between Lemon and Palmer
  • Construction of sidewalk sections along:
    • Niska Road
    • Nicklin Road
    • Ptarmigan Drive

For more information

Jennifer Juste
Program Manager, Sustainable Transportation, Engineering and Transportation Services
519-822-1260 extension 2791
[email protected]