Windsor Street traffic review and survey

The Windsor Street Traffic Management Review is intended to address local residents’ concerns about traffic speed and volume. The review will consider possible measures for mitigating traffic concerns and collect community feedback on proposed measures.

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In order to continue with a Neighbourhood Traffic Management review, we must receive support from at least 60% of the properties on Windsor Street, between Inverness Drive Balmoral Drive.

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If supported by area residents, the City would finish the review and make a recommendation of proposed changes to Council in early fall 2019. Costs for approved changes to Windsor Street would be proposed in the 2020 budget. If approved, implementation could begin later that year.


In 2017, a Traffic Management review was initiated on the section of Windsor Street between Inverness Drive and Balmoral Drive when the City received concerns from area residents about the speed and volume of traffic in this area.

To begin the review, traffic speed and volume data was collected on Windsor Street using Automatic Traffic Recorders (ATRs). The ATRs were in place between November 14th, 2017 and November 21st, 2017. Data was collected 24-hours per day over a 7-day period.

""The data collected was applied to the City’s Neighbourhood Traffic Management Review criteria for a local roadway to determine if Windsor Street between Inverness Drive and Balmoral Drive should be considered for further review of neighbourhood traffic management measures.

Summary of data collected on Windsor Street
between Inverness Drive and Balmoral Drive

Item 85th Percentile Speed* Traffic Volume
Automatic Traffic Recorder Data 47 km/h 1,645 vehicles per day
Criteria Required to Consider Further Review must be greater than or equal to 55 km/h Traffic volume must be greater than 900 vehicles per day
Meets Neighbourhood Traffic Review Criteria (Yes/No) No Yes

Though Windsor Street does not meet the criteria, Windsor Street has been identified as a candidate for further review of neighbourhood traffic management measures.

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Julie Tot, Traffic Technologist II
Transportation Services, City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2048

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