Notice of intention to designate 147 Delhi Street (Homewood Health Campus, Homewood Ancillary Landscape)

Take notice that the Council of the Corporation of the City of Guelph intends to designate the Homewood Ancillary Landscape cultural heritage landscape at 147 Delhi Street as a property of cultural heritage value or interest under section 29 Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter 0.18.

Description of the property

147 Delhi Street is located on the northeast side of Delhi Street, northwest of Eramosa Road and directly northwest of the Guelph General Hospital.

The legal description of 147 Delhi Street is:

Part Lots 11 & 12, Concession 1, Division F, Township of Guelph, as in CS8274, CS8275, CS8276 & MS5149, save and except Plan 528; Guelph.

Statement of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest

The purpose of this designation is to conserve groupings of cultural heritage resources that together have greater heritage significance than their constituent parts. The Homewood campus as a whole includes property on the west and east sides of Delhi Street. Within the larger campus are three distinct yet related cultural heritage landscapes including the Homewood Ancillary Landscape.

The subject property is worthy of designation under section 29 Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act as it meets three of the prescribed criteria for determining cultural heritage value or interest, according to Ontario Regulation 9/06 made under the Ontario Heritage Act.  The heritage attributes of 147 Delhi Street display: design or physical, historical or associative and contextual value.

Design/Physical value

The Nurses’ Residence, within the Homewood Ancillary Landscape, was built in 1924 to attract nursing students by providing housing which exceeded the minimum standards. The late Edwardian style institutional building, featuring Arts and Crafts influences, is located at the northeastern edge of the campus and helps to frame the eastern entrance to the Homewood campus. Equal attention was paid to the design of the Nurses’ Residence as to the main campus buildings and, as such, it displays a high degree of craftsmanship in its architectural design.

Historical/Associative value

Since 1883, the Homewood has been a prominent institution within the field of mental health care. The campus’ ongoing use and physical development reflect the historic evolution of mental healthcare facility design. The Homewood Ancillary Landscape consists of several support buildings, including the second Nurses’ Residence. The erection of the second Nurses’ Residence in 1924 made the Homewood more appealing to prospective nurses and served to position Homewood as a pioneer in psychiatric nursing. The Nurses’ Residence played a vital role in recognizing and promoting the role of women in psychiatric nursing in Ontario and Canada. In addition, the building design demonstrates the work of Ottawa architect W. H. George. George became a specialist in institutional architecture while working for the Government of Canada.

Contextual value

The Homewood Ancillary Landscape is functionally, visually, and historically connected with the Homewood’s Therapeutic Landscape, as it originally provided supportive functions for Homewood’s primary care facilities located on the west side of Delhi Street. Originally considered to be at the back of the Homewood campus, the Nurses’ Residence provides insight into the historical operations of Homewood beyond primary patient care.

Delhi Street is also a contextual feature forming the western edge of the Homewood Ancillary Landscape, which connects to the Therapeutic Landscape and frames the public experience of this landscape.

Description of heritage attributes

The following are to be considered as the heritage attributes of the Homewood Ancillary Landscape:

Nurse’s Residence

  • Symmetrical plan composed of a central block flanked by two small wings;
  • Red brick construction featuring decorative brick banding below the third storey;
  • Original window and door openings and surrounds including semicircular bays;
  • Gable roof with central shed roof dormer featuring eaves with exposed projecting rafters;
  • 9 over 1 multi-paned windows;
  • Coloured glass windows in the northern and southern stairwells, where extant;
  • Interior metal staircases and railings in the northern and southern stairwells; and
  • Three interior fireplaces.

Cameron Gates*

  • Profile of the stone piers with separate vehicular and pedestrian entrances;
  • Stone and concrete construction of the piers;
  • Original light fixtures on top of the piers; and
  • Ironwork of the gates.

*The Cameron Gates are currently located on the east side of Delhi Street, in the Homewood Therapeutic Landscape, serving as an entrance to the Homewood campus. As part of the approved redevelopment of the site, this entrance will be closed and the Cameron Gates will be relocated to the Homewood Ancillary Landscape. They will flank the new main public entrance in front of the Manor Building.

The following properties are not considered significant character-defining elements of the Homewood Ancillary Landscape. As such, no heritage attributes have been described:

  •  151, 153, 155 & 157 Delhi Street

It is intended that non-original features may be returned to documented earlier designs or to their documented original without requiring Council amend the designation by-law.

A more detailed description of the property’s cultural heritage value may be found in staff’s report to City Council (IDE-2018-125, page 389) dated September 10, 2018 and at

For more information

Stephen Robinson, Senior Heritage Planner
Planning Services
519-822-1260 extension 2496

Any person may, before 4:30 p.m. on the 29th day of October 2018, send by registered mail or deliver to the Clerk of the City of Guelph, a notice of objection to this proposed designation, setting out the reason for the objection and all relevant facts. If a notice of objection is received, the Council of the City of Guelph shall refer the matter to the Conservation Review Board for a hearing.

Stephen O’Brien, City Clerk
City of Guelph
1 Carden Street, Guelph ON N1H 3A1