City to develop application for temporary driveway enforcement suspensions

Current suspension of enforcement continues during procedure development

Guelph, Ont., September, 11, 2018–Last night, Guelph City Council approved the development of a new procedure to allow groups of residents to apply for temporary enforcement suspensions of driveway width infractions in their neighbourhood.

“While the procedure is developed, the City will continue to enforce Zoning Bylaw (1995) – 14864 regulations related to driveway widths and issue notifications of illegal driveways, but we won’t issue charges for residential homes classified as semi-detached/duplex and on-street townhouses,” says Rob Reynen, chief building official for the City. “The specific restrictions and conditions for suspended enforcement, including the additional criteria defined by Council, are now posted in detail on the City’s website.”

Procedure development

The procedure for temporary driveway enforcement suspensions could be modelled on the City’s current on-street parking review procedure. When a request is submitted for a review of on-street parking, the City initiates a survey to determine interest and support from people living on the affected street. This type of procedure requires both a minimum amount of survey participation from people in the area, as well as a minimum level of support, before the City can approve the request and make changes.

“We’ll begin working on this procedure this fall and expect to bring something back to Council for approval in the first quarter of 2019,” noted Reynen.

Zoning bylaw review

The comprehensive review of Zoning Bylaw (1995) – 14864, which includes the regulations specific to driveway widths, will move ahead in 2019. Staff will review regulations specific to driveway widths as part of that work. The review will include looking at best management practices in other municipalities, trends in automobile use and housing types, and current regulations could stay the same.

Until the review is complete, all regulations related to driveway widths in the zoning bylaw are still in effect. Property owners with existing driveways that are out of compliance with the bylaw, or who change driveways in ways that aren’t compliant, could face charges when the temporary suspension is lifted, especially if the regulations specific to driveway widths stay the same after the comprehensive review of the zoning bylaw.


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