Unique bicycle rack now in downtown Guelph

Guelph, Ont., August 15, 2018 – People exploring downtown Guelph by bike this summer will be able to use a functional piece art in St. George’s Square to park their ride.

Marko Barakoski, a Guelph-based artist and woodworker, has created a welded steel structure combined with a flitch cut elm log with parking capacity for 10 bicycles. This artful and practical installation has been installed on the north-east side of St. George’s Square.

“We identified St. George’s Square as a site in need of more bike parking,” says Jennifer Juste, Transportation Demand Management program manager. “We were struck by Marko’s design and are very excited to see it now installed in such a highly visible location.”

“Like the cannon at the University, my vision is to have Guelphites use sharpies and markers to write down names, quotes and phrases on the structure as a community artwork and cultural identifier within the downtown core,” says Barakoski.

The Texploding Tree Cycle Stop, as the artist calls it, will hopefully encourage more of the community to travel by bike, using this unique piece of art to secure their bikes while they enjoy the sights and sounds of Guelph’s historic downtown.

About the Artist

Marko Barakoski is a Guelph-based artist and woodworker. After years of working on construction sites he was inspired to use materials traditionally considered waste to redirect these materials into something meaningful. Barakoski holds a degree in European Studies and Art History from the University of Guelph and spends four months a year teaching at a boarding school in Switzerland. More information about the artist’s work can be found at markobarakoski.com.


The Texploding Tree Cycle Stop, by Marko Barakoski
Photo credit: Downtown Guelph Business Association

Media contact

Jennifer Juste
TDM Program Manager, Engineering and Transportation Services
519-822-1260 extension 2791