Radon testing of new homes – Mandatory Testing

Attention:  Home Builder

As per information conveyed previously, the City will not be arranging nor paying for the mandatory radon testing of new homes built in accordance with radon compliance option #1  this coming winter.

This affects all new homes in which occupancy was granted after January 31, 2018 and approximately 16 homes which failed to deploy the testing kits last winter. As the permit holder, it will be your responsibility to ensure the radon test is conducted through a certified laboratory and submitted to the City for all homes in which radon option #1 has been chosen.

In early November, we will provide a list of homes requiring mandatory testing in which occupancy was granted after January 31, 2018, as well as the homes which failed to deploy test kits previously. You will be responsible for arranging and completing testing for all homes on this list.

If you wish to receive additional copies of the radon information pamphlet to distribute to your new home owners, please visit the Building Services office on the third floor of City Hall.

For more information

Rob Reynen, Chief Building Official
Building Services
519-837-5615 extension 2386
[email protected]