Construction notice: Woolwich Street lane closure starting August 30

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Woolwich Street at Eramosa Road

About the project

Roofing work at 141 Woolwich Street requires relocation of rooftop units at this building.  This work will be done using a crane which will sit on Woolwich Street at the corner of Eramosa Road.

Construction starts August 30

Work is scheduled to start on or about August 30 and is expected to be completed on the same day, weather permitting.

Right turning lane from Woolwich Street to Eramosa Road will be closed

The right turn lane on the northbound side of Woolwich Street onto Eramosa Road will be closed during crane operations. Right turns will still be permitted.

Pedestrians and cyclists must use the west side of the road and sidewalk

The City sidewalk on the east side of Woolwich Street will be closed as a safety measure. Pedestrians will be required to cross to the west side at the nearest crosswalk.  Cyclists will need to merge with vehicle traffic on Woolwich Street.

Property and business access and parking

All businesses in the construction area remain open and accessible throughout construction.

Every effort will be made to maintain access to driveways in the construction area during working hours (7 a.m.–7 p.m.) Construction activities and equipment movement may temporarily impact access to private property and delays should be expected.

Map of construction area

The City appreciates your patience, understanding and co-operation during this important construction project. Project details and any updates will be posted on

For more information

Paulo de Oliveira, Utility Coordinator
Technical Services, Engineering and Capital Infrastructure
519-822-1260 extension 2341