Accessory Apartments- Duct Type Smoke Detectors

Attention: Home Builders and Residential Contractors

Please be advised of the following change for all accessory apartment building permit applications made after September 1st, 2018. This will apply to all homes, regardless of age, where the HVAC system is shared between the two units.

Building Services will be requiring the installation of a duct type smoke detector in the supply or return air ducts which would turn off the fuel supply and electrical power to the HVAC system upon activation of the detector.

An alternative to a duct type smoke detector is to have smoke alarms connected to a relay switch on the furnace or air handling system to shut down the circulation fan upon activation of the smoke alarms.

This change is being made to increase safety for occupants of dwellings with accessory apartments.

For more information

Laurie Belanger, Residential Team Lead
Building Services
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