Guelph Police Service headquarters renovation schedule change

July 27, 2018—The completion date for the Guelph Police Service headquarters renovation has been extended to the end of 2019. The original projected date of completion was spring 2019.

Why the project timeline is changing

There has been an overall delay in construction progress as a result of a number of factors including:

  • Weather: loss of time due to last winter’s weather conditions
  • Excavation work: the bedrock was more extensive than geological testing suggested and excavation work has taken longer than expected
  • Site complexity: renovating a working site is more complex than a new build or a renovation at an empty building as it requires coordinating multiple office space moves

Delays like these can lead to an increased overall delay due to the need to pause or reschedule work.

Read our Q2 2018 update and schedule.

What we’re doing to keep the project on track with the new schedule

We are working closely with the contract administrator and the general contractor to find opportunities to bring the current schedule as close as possible to the original. In fact, we meet each week to discuss the status of the project, identify potential construction challenges and work together on mitigation strategies.

Our project management processes ensures budget, schedule and scope changes are addressed, reported and communicated.

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