You talk, we listen and share

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Guelph is growing. We have lots of positive momentum to go along with plenty of challenges. Our population is set to jump form 130,000ish to 170,000ish in 2030. Let’s grow with intention and intelligence. To do that we’re reaching out into every corner of our community we can.

We’re listening over the course of 2018. In this space, we’ll tell you what we’ve heard, share some stories and have some fun.

Your voice matters. We’re going to share what we’re hearing while we’re hearing it. About 50 per cent of people in Guelph think their voice helps shape municipal decisions.

Of the people who responded strongly agree and somewhat agree, 62% are 18-34 and 53% are 35-54 versus 39% who are 55 plus years old.

I don’t know what that number is in other cities, but we want to move the needle on that number—show we hear you.

The fun challenge is no city thinks with one mind.

People don’t all want the same thing. I know. Shocking.

That’s great. We more than welcome diverse opinions—we celebrate them.

So bring it on.

We’ll be at more events, runs and in classrooms. We’ll be in libraries, the mall and rec centres. We’re online and we’re right here. Plenty of opportunities to have your say.

My name is Stewart McDonough. I’m part of a small but mighty team surrounded by great community partners. You’ll hear from all of us over time.

Thanks for listening to us.

Now back to hearing from you.

Make your mark.

Just so you know…

The You Talk. We Listen image is from Sidewalk Talks, which is a partner of ours and does something awesome. They set up on streets and at events and offer free listening. Yep. Awesome. If you think that’s cool and want to get involved contact the Community Plan team at [email protected].