Proposed Xinyi Glass Canada Limited development in the Guelph/Eramosa Township

Xinyi Glass Canada Limited is looking to build a production facility in the Guelph/Eramosa Township at 5081 Wellington Road 32.

Guelph’s position

In February 2018, the Township of Guelph-Eramosa proactively met with senior City of Guelph staff to provide a high level overview of Xinyi Glass Canada Limited’s plans.

The build site is not within Guelph’s municipal boundaries and, as such, the City of Guelph is not included in the Township and company’s decision making process. However, the Province has legislated processes that require public consultation where there are potential impacts to resources like water and air.

We’ll continue to provide formal feedback on this development as the public process continues. Our comments will be based on scientific data, the subject matter expertise of our staff, and the sentiments of our community. Community members are also able to provide individual comments through these processes.

In the meantime, we’re actively following progress on this potential development and are in communication with Township staff. We’ll post more information and any comments or correspondence we submit to the Township here (see Resources below).

Areas of concern

City staff sent a letter to Township staff on May 9, 2018 outlining our concerns. Township staff and Council have acknowledged the City’s concerns and are considering them as they review this development application.

A summary is provided below, and the full letter can be read below under Resources.

  1. Impacts to the City’s water supply: the City, Township, Wellington County and Grand River Conservation Authority have completed water studies to define a protection area for water quantity. This area surrounds the City and extends into the Township, including the proposed location for Xinyi’s plant. Any new water takings in this area could be considered a water source protection threat and pose a potential risk to the City’s water supply. We need more information on proposed water takings to make a full assessment of any impacts.
  2. Uncertainty over zoning: the zoning use is currently classified as “dry industrial”. The amount of water use proposed is significant, especially considering local water system impacts.
  3. Gaps in the planning justification report: the report prepared in support of Xinyi’s application doesn’t analyse the merits of the application with respect to water use or existing local policies and regulations. The report relies on future technical studies being addressed through site plan approval and the permit-to-take-water process. Neither of these processes are appropriate for this purpose.

The City also flagged the need to better understand the following with respect to this potential development:

  1. Plans for wastewater treatment and disposal
  2. Plans to address increased traffic
  3. Plans to address air pollution
  4. Impacts to emergency services response


192 KBCity of Guelph letter to GET about glass facility 09May2018

For more information

Scott Stewart, C.E.T.
Deputy CAO, Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise
519-822-1260 extension 3445