Enhanced online system makes it easy to apply for a building permit

Guelph, Ont., June 8, 2018—Thinking of starting a renovation or building project at home? The City has just made that process a little easier for you.

You can apply for a building permit, submit and receive drawings and book inspections and track your permit’s status using an online tool from the comfort of home or the office. While we’re happy to see and help you at City Hall, you don’t have to make the trip downtown; the choice is yours. Simply create your free account at https://gpas.guelph.ca and get started.

Still want to bring in hard copies? That’s okay. We’re still accepting hard copies of drawings at City Hall as we work towards electronic submissions either online or in person on a USB key at a future date.

This online system is only available for residential permit applications and drawings; however, we’re working on the inclusion of electronic submissions for commercial permits and drawings.

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