Council approves Boulevard Maintenance business service review

Guelph, Ont.,  June 26, 2018 – Last night, City Council approved staff recommendations from the Boulevard Maintenance business service review final report keeping boulevard maintenance service levels at current standards, and implementing new processes for efficiencies.

The report recommended no changes to the types or frequency of boulevard maintenance. Improvements will be made to gain efficiencies in maintaining City boulevards. The impacts of those recommendations include:

  • Improved process and data consistency
  • Enhanced processes to help staff forecast
  • Increased collaboration of staff from different departments in the planning, development and inspection of boulevards
  • Improved data collection and performance reporting

Homeowners will continue to maintain the cul-de-sacs, front boulevards and side boulevards on their streets.

What is a boulevard?

A diagram of a fictitious neighbourhood to show what the following are: cul-de-sac, reverse boulevard, residential boulevard, park boulevard, landscaped boulevard, green median and hardscaped median.


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