Statutory Public Meeting: Official Plan Amendment

The City will hold a statutory public meeting to introduce the proposed Official Plan Amendments to Council on:

Monday, June 11
Council Chambers, City Hall
1 Carden Street
6:30 p.m.

On March 26, 2018 City Council directed staff to initiate an amendment to the Official Plan to reflect the Council approved Affordable Housing Strategy.

Staff Report: City Initiated Official Plan Amendment for Affordable Housing

The proposed Official Plan Amendment:

  • Removes the reference to the 2009 Affordable Housing Discussion Paper as the source of the target;
  • Revises the affordable housing target breakdown;
  • Removes the reference to encouraging the creation of approximately 90 accessory apartment units;
  • Refers to the affordable housing target in the policy where the City may require the submission of an Affordable Housing Report as part of a development application;
  • Adds a definition for “Primary Rental” in the Glossary in accordance with the Affordable Housing Strategy; and
  • Revises the definition for “Affordable Housing” in the Glossary in accordance with the Affordable Housing Strategy.

The statutory public meeting is being held to introduce the proposed OPA to Council, allow the public to express their concerns, issues or support for the OPA and to identify any issues. There will be no decisions made on the OPA at the meeting.

Notice of Public Meeting

Proposed Official Plan Amendment – Affordable Housing

What’s next

Once the feedback on the proposed amendment is reviewed and all issues are addressed, another report with a recommendation will be considered at a future meeting of Council.

For more information

Joan Jylanne, Senior Policy Planner
Planning Services
519-822-1260 extension 2519