Check your trees for any wind damage

Guelph, Ont., May 8, 2018 – We made it to the other side of the wind storm, but that doesn’t mean our trees are out of the woods. Now is a good time to inspect the trees around your home for wind storm damage and to report issues with City trees if you see them.

Even healthy trees can be damaged in a wind storm. Here are three things you can do to assess your trees:

  1. Search for broken branches

Check trees for broken, cracked, or split branches. This damage can often be overlooked after a storm and may still pose a threat.

  1. Look for leaning trees

Even if a tipped tree survives, it is often unstable and can shift or fall and cause serious injury or damage. Trees that are leaning need to be addressed right away.

  1. Check for utility wires

Look for utility wires or power lines that are in contact with branches. Stay clear of powerlines and contact your local utility company or an arborist trained in electrical line clearance to have them removed.

Who do I call when I’ve identified a problem?

Tree work can be very dangerous and requires specialized skills for your safety and the health of the tree. Property owners are responsible for maintaining trees on their own property. Please contact a professional to assess tree damage and to ensure maintenance on the tree is carried out safely.

If you see a City tree with any of these issues, please contact the City at 519-837-5626 or

View our tree ownership map online at if you’re not sure if a tree belongs to you or the City.

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