Notice of Intention to Designate: 55 Delhi Street

Take notice that the Council of the Corporation of the City of Guelph intends to designate 55 Delhi Street as a property of cultural heritage value or interest under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter 0.18.

Description of the property

The property at 55 Delhi Street is located on the northeast side of Delhi Street, north of Eramosa Road and directly to the southeast of the Guelph General Hospital. The legal description of the subject property is:

Lot 34 & Part Lot 35, Plan 133 , as in MS2192; S/T MS2192, S/T Right in MS2192 & Part Lot 40, Plan 133, Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4, 61R20329; T/W CS8635; Together with an easement over Part Lots 35, 36, 40 & 41, Plan 133 Des as Parts 1 to 6, 61R11415 as in WC297163; Together with an easement over Part Lots 35, 36 & 40, Plan 133 Designated as Parts 1, 3, 5, 7 & 8, 61R11415 as in WC297163 Together with an easement over Parts 1,2,3 & 4 61R11415 as in WC376481 Subject to an easement over Part 2, 61R20329 In Favour of Part Lot 40, Plan 133, Part 4, WGR50 Except Part 4, 61R20329 as in WC407498 City of Guelph.

Statement of cultural heritage value or interest (Why the property is being designated)

The subject property is worthy of designation under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act as it meets three of the prescribed criteria for determining cultural heritage value or interest, according to Ontario Regulation 9/06 made under the Ontario Heritage Act. The heritage attributes of 55 Delhi Street display: design or physical, historical or associative and contextual value.

The land upon which 55 Delhi Street is located was purchased by the Guelph General Hospital in 1906. Referred to as the “Hyde-Winstone property”, the site included a house which served as the Nurses Residence until the new residence (the subject building at what is now 55 Delhi Street) was constructed in 1910. The Hyde-Winstone house was subsequently relocated to 63 Derry Street in the same year. The new Nurses Residence was referred to as the “Forsyth-Hepburn Home”, after Mrs. Forsyth (née Hepburn) had provided funds in her will for the construction of a new residence building for the General Hospital nurses.

Hamilton architect Stewart McPhee designed the Nurses Residence building in Edwardian Classicism, a popular style in Canada in the early 20th century. McPhee took on William Mahoney, a local apprentice architect, to manage the project. Mahoney went on to become one of Guelph’s most prolific architects of the Edwardian period.

The original portion of the building at 55 Delhi Street has design or physical value as a representative example of a major institutional building designed with architectural elements of early 20th century Edwardian Classicism. The building displays a high degree of craftsmanship and architectural design and demonstrates the work of two architects that are significant in southern Ontario and the local community (Stewart McPhee and William Mahoney respectively).

55 Delhi Street has direct historical or associative value in its contribution to the development of the Guelph General Hospital as an important institution in the city.

The 1910 GGH Nurses Residence building has contextual value as it is important in defining, maintaining or supporting the historical character of the Delhi Street streetscape and is functionally and historically linked to its surroundings as an important extant element
of the historic Guelph General Hospital campus.

All four elevations present a building form of Edwardian Classicism with 2.5-storeys plus basement. The building was constructed on rock-faced limestone basement walls supporting the pressed red brick exterior with blue header bricks in a Flemish bond pattern with untinted mortar.

The building’s distinctive features include its large main, side gable roof with return eaves, two projecting pedimented frontispieces, three pedimented front dormers, four pedimented rear dormers and a pedimented rear wall dormer beside a brick chimney stack. Much of the original exterior wood trim is intact including modillions under the eaves and verges. A two-storey oriole window is located in both side gable walls. The projecting front entrance porch, balcony and paired Tuscan columns have recently been completely reconstructed to closely match the original form while satisfying Ontario Building Code standards.

On the building’s interior the original wooden railing elements of the centre stairway (from basement to third floor) have been retained and restored during the recent rehabilitation of the property.

Description of heritage attributes (What is being protected)

The following are to be considered as the heritage attributes of 55 Delhi Street:






  • all four elevations of the original Edwardian Classicism building form (2.5-storey plus basement) constructed with pressed red brick with blue headers in a Flemish bond pattern in untinted mortar and rock-faced limestone basement exterior walls
  • main side gable roof with return eaves; two projecting pedimented frontispieces; three pedimented front dormers; four pedimented rear dormers; and pedimented rear wall
    dormer beside brick chimney stack
  • all original exterior wood trim including modillions under eaves and verges
  • all original window and exterior door locations, openings and tooled stone lug window sills
  • projecting front entrance porch, balcony and paired Tuscan columns
  • rusticated quoins formed by recessed brick courses at corners and plinth
  • front entrance door and door case with sidelights, fanlight and basket arch in red brick with  projecting denticulated head band
  • 2-storey oriole windows in both side gable walls
  • original wooden railing elements of the interior centre stairway from basement to third floor including the handrail, balustrade, turned balusters and newel posts with fountain motif

It is intended that non-original features may be returned to documented earlier designs or to their documented original without requiring City Council permission for an alteration to the designation.

Staff report to Council

View the January 15, 2018 staff report to Council Committee of the Whole (pages 65-86) [4.5 MB]

For more information

Stephen Robinson, Senior Heritage Planner
Planning Services
519-822-1260 extension 2496

Any person may, before 4:30 p.m. on the 24 day of May, 2018, send by registered mail or deliver to the Clerk of the City of Guelph, a notice of objection to these proposed designations, setting out the reason for the objection and all relevant facts. If a notice of objection is received, the Council of the City of Guelph shall refer the matter to the Conservation Review Board for a  hearing.

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City Clerk
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