Council approves new design standards for Guelph

Urban design concepts for Gordon Street also endorsed by Council

Guelph, Ont., April 10, 2018—Last night Council approved new built-form standards for mid-rise building and townhouses. The standards are part of the City’s Urban Design Manual and provide clear direction on the design  of new residential and mixed-use mid-rise (four to six storeys) and townhouse (cluster, stacked and street-oriented) developments in Guelph.

The standards address how a site will function  and be designed to implement the vision established in the City’s Official Plan. The document also provides recommendations for a future zoning bylaw review.

“These new standards provide a thoughtful and consistent approach to evaluating building design while allowing for innovation and supporting design excellence,” says David de Groot, Senior Urban Designer. “The standards will also help residents and developers understand the quality of design that we expect in new developments.”

The standards also address design related  to the integration of stormwater management, water efficiency and supporting the urban forest.

Council also endorsed urban design concepts for Gordon Street between Harvard Road and Clairfields Drive, and directed staff to begin using them when reviewing development applications along this corridor. The design concepts provide both developers and staff with additional guidance for preparing and reviewing future development applications in this area.

Both of these new documents are part of the City’s efforts to build partnerships and continuous improvement by making the expectations for development more clear. If followed effectively, the documents will result in a streamlined approval process.


[prettyfilelink size=”11 MB” src=”″ type=”pdf”]Report to Council on built form standards for mid-rise buildings and townhouses, April 9, 2018 (page 6)[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink size=”11 MB” src=”″ type=”pdf”]Report to Council on urban design concept plans for the Gordon Street intensification corridor, April 9, 2018 (page 47)[/prettyfilelink]

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Senior Urban Designer, Planning and Building Services
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