Mico Valeriote Park Master Plan engagement summary

During last fall’s engagement process for Mico Valeriote Park, located at 235 Elizabeth Street, we heard from the community on the concept design, park features, playground theme, and overall preferred park design.

Playground theme

For the playground, the community was asked to vote on a favourite theme. The Woodland themed-concept received the most votes. As a result, three playground concepts were designed around this theme. The concepts met the City’s expectations for quality, warranty, playability, creativity, and accessibility, and we believe the concepts also reflected the community’s outdoor recreational needs and aspirations.

Playground design

Between February 5 and 18, 2018, the community was asked to vote on a favourite playground concept. One hundred and seventy two (172) people responded online and through email to vote for their favourite playground design.

Here’s what we heard

Which concepts were the most popular?

  • Playground designs 1 and 2 were the most popular
  • Playground Design 1 had 77 online votes and six (6) email votes for a total of 83 votes
  • Playground Design 2 had 80 online votes and one (1) email vote for a total of 81 votes
    Note: Playground Design 2 was also favoured by the Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Playground Design 3 had eight (8) online votes and zero (0) email votes for a total of eight (8) votes

Based on the public’s input and City staff’s evaluation of the play value, approach to accessible design, and theming, Playground Design 2 by Park N Play Design has been selected for Mico Valeriote Park. Note: The playground design images are conceptual in nature and the actual constructed equipment may differ slightly from the images provided, as the project team develops the design further.

Playground design 2

Things that were liked about the concepts:

  • Tan coloured slides
  • Separation between tot and older child structures
  • “Woodsy” theme
  • Structure where kids don’t have to come back down to ground level to transition from one area to another (combined structure)
  • Ramp to play structure
  • Inclusive spinner with ability to transfer from wheelchair and with options for sitting or standing
  • Space around equipment for playing tag and other games

Things that were disliked about the concepts:

  • Treehouse structure looks nice but does not provide play value
  • Roof on play structures
  • Dark colours (preference for lighter green and no red)

Other suggestions:

  • Incorporate as much nature as possible
  • Provide natural and open space for playing, walking dogs, games/ sports and relaxing
  • Limit the amount of asphalt
  • Keep it simple, cost relevant, and natural

For more information

Mallory Lemon
Park Planner, Open Space Planning
519-822-1260 extension 3371
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