Walkway connecting Huron and Grove/Metcalfe streets now open

Update March 5, 2018: Metrolinx has completed the installation of the new bridge and it is now open for pedestrians to use.

Update February 5, 2018: Metrolinx was onsite this past weekend installing the new bridge. According to Metrolinx, the bridge will  reopen by the end of February.

Update November 14, 2017: According to Metrolinx, a new bridge should be installed by the end of January 2018.

Update November 1, 2017: Metrolinx will have a contractor on-site this week. A construction schedule is expected sometime in the next week.

Update August 30, 2017: The City’s rail partners expect to begin repair work on the bridge on or about September 11, 2017 and be finished by the end of the month.

Guelph, Ont., August 1, 2017—The City has closed access to the walkway near 560 Elizabeth Street that connects Huron Street to Grove and Metcalfe streets via a pedestrian bridge over the railtracks.

A routine inspection of the walkway found corrosion of the steel structure supporting the bridge. The City owns the steps connecting to the bridge, commonly referred to as the “100 steps”; the bridge itself is owned and maintained by the railway companies that use the rail corridor.

A dog looks down the 100 steps from the bridgeTo ensure the safety of the community and those who use the bridge, the walkway is closed while the City’s rail partners decide whether to repair or replace the bridge. There is no risk to trains travelling along the corridor.

“We know this is an important pedestrian connection and we are working with the railways that own and maintain the bridge to address the issue as soon as possible,” said Kealy Dedman, City Engineer.

Updates about the bridge will be posted to guelph.ca/construction, and shared on the City’s social media accounts (facebook.com/cityofguelph and twitter.com/cityofguelph).


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