U-pass program extended to Guelph’s Conestoga College students

Guelph, Ont., February 2, 2018 – Beginning this September, full-time students enrolled at Conestoga College’s Guelph campus will receive a Universal Bus Pass (U-pass) as part of their tuition—giving them unlimited access to ride Guelph Transit.

The one-year pilot program, which ends Aug. 31, 2019, is the result of a referendum held last February by Conestoga Students Incorporated (CSI)—the official student association at the college. During the three-day vote, full-time students at the Guelph campus voted 53 per cent in favour of CSI and Guelph Transit implementing a U-pass pilot program.

“This partnership is a great example of Guelph Transit’s commitment to identify opportunities for ridership and revenue growth. It’s truly a win-win; Guelph Transit grows its customer base and Conestoga students get unlimited access to the City’s transit system,” says Mayor Cam Guthrie.

Aimee Calma, president of Conestoga Students Incorporated, adds, “We’re excited to work with Guelph Transit to implement the U-pass program for our students. This pilot program reflects the student body’s desire for a more affordable way to ride transit to and from our Guelph campus.”

The cost of the U-pass is part of the college’s tuition fees. Full-time students will be charged $134.90 per semester (fall 2018 and winter 2019) and $136.90 for summer 2019. The U-pass is a compulsory fee, meaning students can’t opt out of purchasing it.

Conestoga College estimates there will be about 375 students enrolled in the upcoming fall semester. This results in about $50,000 in revenue in 2018 for the City of Guelph.

In early 2019, Guelph Transit and CSI will analyze the success of the program to determine if another referendum is needed to make the program permanent.


Information report – February 2, 2018

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