Changes to water metering requirements for new developments – effective July 1, 2018

Attention: Homebuilders, architects, engineers, industrial/commercial/institutional contractors

Please be advised of the following changes to water meter placement and installation requirements and restrictions for residential developments (including rental apartment buildings and cluster townhouse sites) and industrial, commercial and institutional developments, which will become effective for all building permits applied for on or after July 1, 2018:

  1. The requirement for the installation of a single bulk City water revenue meter as part of all new construction of residential, industrial, commercial and institutional developments
    • The City will cease the practice of installing water meters for separate, individual units within private developments.
    • Planned servicing to such properties will be required to provide sufficient space for a single bulk water revenue meter, to measure all water fed to the entire private water system. This space may also be utilized for a premise isolation backflow preventer if one is required for the property.
    • If property owners or condo boards have an interest in installing private-side water sub-metering past the single bulk water meter, the City will provide support for such sub-meter installation through the Residential Sub-metering Program, with further information available on Sub-meters installed privately will be for private use only and will not be read or billed by the City as individual water revenue meters.
  2. City provision of water meter kits and the transition of water meter installation responsibilities to contractors as part of new low-rise residential construction (single detached, semi-detached, on-street townhouses).
    • The City will provide water meter kits (including the meter, fittings, wiring and touchpad) to homebuilders for direct installation as part of new low-rise residential construction.
    • Water meter kits will be available for distribution upon appointment at Water Services’ FM Woods Operational Centre (29 Waterworks Place, Guelph Ontario)
    • Confirmation of meter installation and information tracking will be recorded at the time of final plumbing inspection and will be required prior to permitting occupancy of the dwelling.

These changes are being introduced to address equity and fairness through water and wastewater billing and collections processes, to best delineate responsibility for public versus private infrastructure, and to respond to feedback received from the building community on potential enhancements to water meter installation practices.

The City will share additional information with the building community regarding these changes by May 1, 2018. Should you have any questions in the interim regarding forthcoming changes to City water metering practices please contact the Water Services division directly. They can be reached by email at [email protected], or by telephone at 519-837-5627.

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