Guelph third in new list of Canadian hot spots

Guelph has been recognized yet again as a great place to live and work, this time by the real estate and market trend data analysts at Point2 Homes in their list of millennial hot spots for 2018. The list ranked 85 cities by livability factors thought to be significant for the millennial generation including housing affordability, average income, unemployment rates and life satisfaction. Only Quebec City and Victoria ranked higher than Guelph.

Our scores

Point2 Homes ranked 85 cities in nine categories. Here are Guelph’s scores for all categories.

  • Life satisfaction, 8th
  • Health care, 9th
  • Unemployment, 12th
  • Income, 17th
  • Percentage of millennials in our population, 18th
  • Education, 22nd
  • Crime rate, 25th
  • Climate, 33rd
  • Home prices, 45th

Guelph shone particularly well in the areas of life satisfaction and access to health care. The ranking also highlighted Guelph’s housing affordability compared to our neighbours in the GTA and the Golden Horseshoe noting that Guelph provides a much better draw for millennials who have been priced out of homes in more expensive areas.

“This peaceful city,” Point2 Homes writes, “is the ideal destination for those looking to combine the benefits of a strong job market with a thriving living environment.”

Point2 Homes also applauds our Farmers’ Market for its “local food and artisanal products, supporting the local economy and entrepreneurship, and [for being] one of the city’s oldest community spaces, having served as a gathering place since 1827.”

Guelph’s history, affordability and small city charm are hard for the millennial population to ignore as it often looks outside of larger cities for a greater work/life balance. In fact, seven of the top 10 cities on the Point2 Homes list have populations under 500,000.

Guelph was the top Ontario city on the list; other Ontario cities in the top 10 were Ottawa in fifth place and Waterloo and Kingston in seventh and eighth, respectively.

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