Verney water tower will display city’s name

Community votes to keep look of water tower as is

Guelph, Ont., December 1, 2017—The results of the community vote for the Verney water tower design competition have been counted. Out of a total of 2,546 votes, the majority—38 per cent—were in favour of not displaying either of the final designs on the water tower. The water tower will be repainted in white with the name “Guelph” in blue next spring.

“While we were eager to explore the possibility of displaying community art on such a well-known Guelph landmark, we’ve listened to the voice of the community and will respect what we’ve heard,” remarked Stacey Dunnigan, manager of Culture and Tourism for the City of Guelph. “We want to thank everyone who entered the competition, especially our finalists who put their creative work out for the community vote.”

The runners up in the competition were Haley Audet with 32 per cent of the votes, and Brandon Priebe with 30 per cent of the votes. Both finalists have received a $250 honorarium for their first-round submission, and Haley will be awarded an additional $750 prize for being the winner among the two finalists.

Guelph water towers are painted every fifteen years. During 2017 budget discussions about the repainting of the Verney water tower, staff were directed by Council to investigate the possibility of incorporating art into the repainting of the tower. City staff from Water Services and Culture and Tourism came together to deliver the project on behalf of Council.

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