Guelph police headquarters: December 2017 construction update

The three-year renovation and expansion of Guelph Police Service’s headquarters is underway. Here is a summary of the work completed in December 2017.

Image taken at the corner of the building shows scaffolding around a grey wall

Scaffolding goes up for work to finish the exterior of the southwest corner of the west addition.

Progress to date

West wing addition

  • Remaining floor in existing garage removed
  • Last section of concrete slab poured in the garage
  • Interior blockwork 90% complete
  • Mezzanine mechanical and electrical 70% complete
  • Steel support for roof parapet started
  • Third storey enclosed for heating and finishes
  • Office design mock-ups 50% complete
  • Stone roof ballast removed from existing west roof

East wing addition

  • Drywall installation underway
  • 90 per cent of roof sealed
  • Public washroom blocked in and plumbing is roughed in
  • Glazing for glass curtainwall 90 per cent complete
  • Electrical and mechanical rough-ins underway
  • Exterior blockwork on second level is finished
  • Structure for new generator above firing range is complete with concrete deck and slab poured

 Looking ahead

 West wing addition

  • Finish roofing over firing range and existing west roof
  • Exterior architectural block to start
  • Finish pouring slab on grade for detention cell

 East wing addition

  • Finish roofing
  • Glazing for glass curtainwall
  • Installation of interior drywall, taping to start
  • Mechanical ducting and electrical rough-ins continue
  • Concrete topping poured for plaza entrance