Eastview Road features multi-use path and wildlife crossings

A view from inside a vehicle as it drives down the newly paved Eastview Road. Wetlands are visible on each side.

Guelph, Ontario, December 4, 2017—Eastview Road has reopened to through traffic after four months of construction. The completed construction between Starwood Road and Watson Parkway North offers a number of new amenities for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and even wildlife, including some changes which cannot be seen.

Eastview Road runs between a provincially significant wetland to the south and Hadati Creek to the north. The City completed an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in June to identify how construction might impact the wildlife habitats on either side of the road, and to develop plans to mitigate possible impacts. Based on the study, City staff incorporated three underground wildlife crossings to help amphibian species—frogs, toads and salamanders—cross between the two habitats.

A close up look of the wildlife crossing on Eastview Road that runs beneath the road.

A close up look of the wildlife crossing on Eastview Road that runs beneath the road.

The Environmental Impact Statement also identified how the City could reduce the impact of tree removals on nesting birds by removing impacted trees ahead of nesting season. Tree removals were completed in early spring, and new trees will be planted in 2018.

“We’re really excited to wrap up this project and we would like to thank residents in the area for their patience with the road closure,” says Ken Vanderwal, project engineer for the City of Guelph. “The changes made to Eastview Road will benefit all Guelph residents, right down to the smallest frog. It serves as a great example of how everyday City infrastructure can be changed to accommodate local wildlife.”

Transportation improvements for all users

Eastview Road now includes a sidewalk between Starwood Drive and Summit Ridge Drive on the north side of the road, and a multi-use path between Summit Ridge Drive and Watson Parkway on the south side of the road. In addition, storm sewer infrastructure was added and a new traffic signal intersection was installed at Watson Parkway and Eastview Road. The new signalized intersection no longer has two through lanes. Instead, each direction now has a designated left turn lane.


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