A snowy roadway is pictured at night with cars parked on either side.

Overnight, on-street parking restrictions begin December 1

Guelph, Ont., November 24, 2017 – Starting December 1, the City’s winter parking schedule takes effect. This schedule restricts overnight, on-street parking until March 31, 2018.

From December until the end of March, there’s no overnight parking allowed on City streets unless there are signs permitting or anywhere in the Downtown between 2–6 a.m. Tickets for overnight on-street parking are $35.

The City restricts overnight, on-street parking in the winter to:

  • Make it easier for snow plows to clear the streets of snow
  • Make room for emergency response vehicles on narrow streets where snow build up and parked cars restrict access
  • Make sure that Guelph Transit buses can get where they are going without delays


If you need to park on a street overnight, you can apply for an exemption from the City. Up to 12 parking exemptions are allowed per year for each single home address. Each exemption is valid for a maximum of two vehicles for two nights.

Condominiums, apartments and off-street townhouse units are allowed two exemptions per year with a maximum of 45 exemptions for the entire multi-residence property. This allotment is different from single homes since multi-residence properties typically provide visitor parking spaces.

Things to keep in mind with parking exemptions:

  • You have to be legally parked; all of the signed parking restrictions for the street still apply with an exemption.
  • If a major snowfall occurs that requires the City to start a plow out, new exemptions cannot be granted and current exemptions will need to move temporarily to accommodate snow plows. Reach out to your neighbours and work together to keep the streets open for plows.
  • Use Downtown municipal parking lots if you’re over your maximum exemptions, or if a plow out is required because of snowfall.

You can apply for an overnight exemption online at guelph.ca/parking and clicking on the overnight parking option, or by phoning 519-837-2529.


Online exemptions for overnight parking
Downtown municipal parking lots
Downtown boundary map

For more information

David Wiedrick, Manager, Bylaw Compliance, Security and Licensing
Operations Department
519-822-1260 extension 3475