Notice of tree removals: 120 Huron Street

Map of the property at 120 Huron Street where the City has approved the removal of 700 treesThe City of Guelph has recently received a request for the removal of 700 trees on private property located at 120 Huron Street.

The removals have been requested to allow for the cleanup of contaminated soil. The site currently includes a wooded area dominated by Balsam Poplar, White Ash, Manitoba Maple and Eastern White Cedar. This wooded area has been studied and while it provides canopy cover, it is not a protected natural heritage feature. Furthermore, the soils underneath this wooded area are contaminated and the trees need to be removed for it to be cleaned up.

There is no redevelopment application at this time. Future development proposals will include opportunity for public input.

The requested tree removals have been approved by the City and will commence in the near future.

For more information

Adèle Labbé, Environmental Planner
Policy Planning and Urban Design, Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise
519-822-1260 extension 2563