City to play greater role in protecting Guelph’s source water

Guelph among select municipalities to oversee and apply greater rigour to development in vulnerable source water areas

Guelph, Ont., August 1, 2017 –The City of Guelph has improved its review process for sanitary sewer infrastructure projects to better protect our community’s vulnerable source water.

The revised process allows the City of Guelph to complete the review process for the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change’s (MOECC) environmental compliance approval (ECA) applications internally. The MOECC makes the decision to grant the ECAs based on the City’s review.

“We’re pleased to take this work on at the local level to provide faster service to our development community,” said Peter Rider, the City’s Risk Management Official. “This also allows us to participate more directly in the oversight of source water protection in Guelph.”

The MOECC agreed to change the review procedure after municipal partners with the expertise to complete these reviews in-house advocated for a locally-managed and faster process. To date, the City has reviewed five applications under the new process.

“Cutting the red the tape and streamlining approvals helps improve decision-making to protect our environment and we thank the City of Guelph for participating in the environmental review process,” said Mili New, Regional Director for the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. “This will enable the City to plan its infrastructure investments with more certainty, protect its watersheds and build a stronger, more resilient community.”

A new guidance document that outlines the requirements for completing ECA applications is now available to developers under Forms and guidelines at

This improvement is part of the City’s focuses on building partnerships with developers, builders and businesses by making it easy to do business with City Hall.

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Source Protection Planning, Engineering and Transportation Services
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