Stormwater service fee credit program study: July 2017 update

On July 24, Guelph City Council approved staff’s recommendation of pursuing a hybrid credit program that provides options for both businesses and homeowners.

Residential program

Staff proposed that residential stormwater credits be aligned with existing water efficiency rebate and incentive programs. This collaborative approach will help keep program development and administration costs low. Residential credits will be one-time rebates rather than monthly credits on the stormwater service fee.

Business program

For businesses and large property owners (e.g. plazas or malls), the City proposed to develop a credit program that would apply monthly credits toward stormwater service fees. Credits will continue as long as owners demonstrate that stormwater mitigation on the property continues to be effective.

Multi-residential housing may fall under the business credit program since individual homeowners may not have access to make changes in their units.

What’s next

Staff will be working on further details of the program, and developing the resources, forms and information businesses and residents will need to apply for credits and rebates. We’ll share this information with you later this year, and the credit program will launch in January 2018.


For more information

Arun Hindupur, Supervisor, Infrastructure Engineering
Engineering and Transportation Services
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