Sorting it right in Guelph’s parks this summer

Pilot program aims to reduce recyclables going to landfill

Guelph, Ont., Wednesday, June 28, 2017 – Wait! Don’t toss that empty plastic sports drink or water bottle into the garbage; use the blue recycling cart that’s provided.

That’s the message from City staff to park users visiting one of Guelph’s 30 community and neighbourhood parks that are part of a two-stream (garbage and recycling) collection pilot program.

“Guelph’s residents are already recycling at home and we want to encourage that same behaviour in our parks,” says Dave Beaton, supervisor of Trails and Natural Areas Stewardship.

In May, the City installed 150 recycling blue carts and 50 waste grey carts in parks that have sports fields.

To assist park users with what goes where, signs are posted behind the blue and grey carts. For example, glass, plastic and paper go in the blue cart. Items such as food, pet waste, diapers and coffee cups and lids, which are not recyclable, belong in the grey cart.

“Our main goal is to reduce the number of recyclables going to our landfill,” says Beaton. “And early results suggest that people are getting the message.”

Since the program launch, 1.1 tonnes of recyclables have been collected and diverted from the landfill.

The City expects the recycling program will expand to include more Guelph parks in 2018. However, the expansion is dependent on the pilot’s success as well as receiving funding as part of next year’s budget.

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Supervisor, Trails and Natural Areas Stewardship
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