Committee of the Whole Agenda – July 4, 2017

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Committee of the Whole – Tuesday, July 4, 2017
Council Chambers, Guelph City Hall, 1 Carden Street

Open Meeting – 2:00 p.m.

Consent Agenda – Corporate Services

  1. COW-CS-2017.13 Tax Sale Vesting – Roll 23 08 010 003 18701

Consent Agenda – Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise

  1. COW-IDE-2017.29 Registration of Two-unit Houses
  2. COW-IDE-2017.31 Affordable Housing Financial Incentives Program

Items for Discussion – Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise

  1. COW-IDE-2017.30 Stormwater Service Fee – Credit Program Feasibility
  2. COW-IDE-2017.32 LED Street Lighting
  3. COW-IDE-2017.33 Guelph Active Transportation Network Design
    Guidelines and Feasibility Study
  4. COW-IDE-2017.34 Draft Urban Design Manual: Urban Design Vision and
    Design Action Plan
  5. COW-IDE-2017.35 Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan Phase One Report and
    Recommended Vision and Guiding Principles
  6. Planning a Bicentennial Project in Guelph 2027
  7. Woonerf Pilot Project for New Street