Niska Road area environmental studies underway

Guelph, Ont., April 27, 2017—The City of Guelph has started planned field studies required to inform the final design of the Niska Road and bridge reconstruction. Wildlife, plant, geological and hydrogeological surveys and testing are being completed as follows:

  • Amphibian call and movement surveys (April to June and October)
  • Snake basking surveys (April-May)
  • Turtle surveys (April-July)
  • Bat habitat surveys (April and June)
  • Other wildlife surveys (April-October)
  • Speed River water sampling (April and October)
  • Breeding bird surveys (May-July)
  • Wetland plant surveys (May, July and September)
  • Geological and hydrological testing and monitoring (May-October)


The City of Guelph completed a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study to investigate opportunities for improvements to Niska Road from the Downey Road to the city limits. The City received approval to proceed with the Council-approved recommendations of the EA from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) in March 2017. Additional environmental and heritage studies are being completed as the City works toward detailed design of the road and bridge reconstruction.

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