City’s continued focus on water efficiency to be led by new Water Services division manager

Guelph, Ont., April 4, 2017—Wayne Galliher is the successful candidate for the division manager of Water Services position. Galliher, who has worked for the City since 2007, has been acting in the role since August 2016.

A leader in water conservation and customer service

Over his 10 years with the City, Galliher has led the growth and success of water conservation and efficiency efforts, and improvements in customer service. Notable highlights include:

Galliher’s leadership has contributed to over $30 million in net savings from deferred infrastructure projects and related operating costs that the City would otherwise have needed to supply the Guelph community with drinking water.

“We need to continue to champion responsible water use in Guelph, from our residents and our businesses as well as in our City operations,” said Peter Busatto, General Manager of Environmental Services. “Under Wayne’s leadership, water efficiency and customer service will continue to be a priority as the exceptional staff at Water Services continue to deliver safe, reliable water to our community every day.”

Prior to joining the City of Guelph, Galliher held various roles in the Ontario municipal water sector including water treatment operations, infrastructure planning, water and wastewater education and outreach, and water demand management. Beyond his work with the City, Galliher has served as a member of the Council of the Federation’s Water Partner Advisory Committee and was Chair of the of Ontario Water Works Association’s Water Efficiency Committee from 2010-2012.

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