Tree removal along Eastview Road for multi-use path

Guelph, Ont., March 28, 2017—This week, the City is removing as many as 162 trees in advance of construction of sidewalks, a multi-use path and storm sewers on Eastview Road between Starwood Drive and Watson Parkway North. The City worked with its contractor to minimize the number of trees to be removed. Trees will be replaced through a tree management plan in coordination with the Pollinator Park.

The location of the multi-use path is restricted by adjacent significant wildlife habitat. The multi-use path route has been located to protect this habitat. All trees to be removed are within 8.5m or less of the road. This includes 30 trees in poor or very poor condition.

Care for wildlife

Tree removal will be completed before bird nesting season begins, and the multi-use path construction—next to the wildlife habitat—is scheduled to begin in August after amphibian breeding season ends.

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Ken VanderWal P.Eng, Project Engineer
City of Guelph
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